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Take Your Level : Make money easy!
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Invested($): 30473
Paid Out($): 15492
Online Since: October, 15. 2007.
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User ID: goldgratis
take your first opportunnity don't miss it this site http://takeyourlevel.com/marketing/show.php?no=373&ba=12


User ID: bluebird54
Has anyone made any money yet? I am new to this site


User ID: pzbodekar2006
Join & Enjoy free Money


User ID: Pathfinder
It's For Millionaire Wannabes...


User ID: shella32
wanna get paid to read, or refer friends


User ID: silentburner
pls am afraid i cant see anything to show me how much i have earned since i started with you people.try to convince me that am in safe hands.


User ID: joberis
hi, folks! I want to earn extra money, so I can visit my dream countries and buy my dream motorcycle, chopper!...


User ID: harrizan
I have liberty Reserve account only,You should join too..Take Your Level - jhonjenin@hotmail.com


User ID: mydollarmen


User ID: ncnighthawkz
my account doesn't show my deposit. Is there a wait time before we can start generating the upline?


User ID: 1974223
I have invested $ 1


User ID: elitclubcom
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User ID: iskandaraja
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User ID: rebe0451
Hallo, it is possible to pay the 1 Dollar via PayPal? Best regards from Ruhland (Germany) Reinhard Benisch


User ID: neko6927
Admin Can't modify my email address yahoomail is serious problem plz help me


User ID: stone1214


User ID: Vadim73


User ID: CozyBlueLevel
Let's earn money!


User ID: skipper39
This is the real way for earnings! WOW! Thanks to Take Your Level!


User ID: godtolove
I know my life worth changes. God help me make it through you.


User ID: MsLesa8
I am new to Take your level. I decided to give it try before I introduce it to others. I have tried other programs in the pass to no avail. This program seem to have potentials, Well, I am starting with a dollar to see how things go. It's been two weeks now, an no progress. I have $.20 in my advertising account... Becoming a millionaire with a dollar investment sounds a big far fetched, but, a return of $5, or $10 would have been ok... I have decided not to invite others to this program. It's just not worth the $1


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