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User ID: valsara
Account Balance = Deposit + Earning. But I have deposited 2$. It is not shown in my account balance.


User ID: gngood50
I'm new to the game. Is there any old timers out there, that been around for awhile can tell a new comer what's the take on this program?


User ID: olaniyiliadi
God is the greatest.


User ID: Pangisa
It is good source of money ,free to join that provided huge cash for short period ,try it and enjoy the beneficial


User ID: sstoddard
If I buy $2 ticket and wait 9 months I only get $2 back...how is that making money?


User ID: sudilshr
i have a coupon code having $1. how to use it.


User ID: iansalcor
let's have a good time


User ID: djt5028
I see I have signed up a new member! Did they Purchase a Ticket? If so,How much? and where does it reflect on MY Account?


User ID: shashankk508
can u tell how this works. i have already invested 1$. how will i get the money.


User ID: somegold
Im deposit $2


User ID: skipper39
This is the real way for earnings! WOW! Thanks to Take Your Level!


User ID: noah121


User ID: saly255
thank you


User ID: repruitt
do you folks use pay pal. If not why?


User ID: ismauda
hi.. I already make a deposit of USD10.


User ID: daudul07
Earn Money Easy!!!! Become Billionaire. For Details Go here : http://takeyourlevel.com/marketing/show.php?no=9987&ba=9


User ID: ucufpsd
I deposited $1 with payment id batch 45992007, date and time 10/3/2010 08:14


User ID: bluebird54
Has anyone made any money yet? I am new to this site


User ID: uramir1
Hi, i am deposing $1 dollar but no show any person help me


User ID: jackie4708
what do I need to send,before I can get started.


User ID: goldengraham
how long does it take to start earning money after my first deposit / ticket purchase?


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Take Your Level Classifieds
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