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User ID: frankboy
See you at the top


User ID: shagratha


User ID: panalkar
Hello Admin, Nice site & idea to make millionaires. Irequest to advertise this site aggresively so that WE can make a MILLION QUICK. Addition - Can you put this 'User's Comment' on home page ? It will help us to get more signups in short time. Thanks & Regards, Nitin ID-panalkar 06/Jan/2009


User ID: muwanga
How long does it take to recive after buying a ticket?


User ID: yungvon25
New to this


Hello all friends I like this job in web site, especially PTC and PTR, bat I like make an investment in Internet ( least quantity mony). Best regards Slavco


User ID: Canadian18386
deposited $12.00 here and nothing is showing on this account. Tolerance is fading fast.


User ID: VONBEEZ007 is AWESOME !!!!! I LOVE IT ! David and Cynthia Beasley San Jose , California


User ID: obimike
i deposited $1


User ID: tokason
hello i have invested $i but each time i try to buy ticket i cant, and no profit for me since last month.


User ID: abcdalhaj
thank you very much about your website.


User ID: greensmonster
Can't wait to get my millions!


User ID: sabrina2
I would love to make some money


User ID: anhk0c0d0n
hell0 all


User ID: Ismaulh
I Am Still Confuse How To Play At This Website. Anyone Could Help Me?


User ID: Pathfinder
It's For Millionaire Wannabes...


User ID: duocdtvt
done say?


User ID: inmardi
Good luck to everyone


User ID: Ladiesman
This is Ur Last Chance To Make on Net! Let it be me, my Only Love Who makes your dreams come true Let me be the one who gives All this passion meant for you. For the Love of Money. Let's talk about Wealth!!!


User ID: lindabe55
i will tell you later i will tell you later i will tell you later i will tell you later i will tell you later i will tell you later i will tell you later i will tell you later i will tell you later


User ID: bizopps 5x5 Forced Matrix, 100% Matching Bonus, No Sponsoring, No Selling, Join Now!!


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