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Take Your Level Classifieds
Invest $1.00 - Earn $2,097,151 - Worldwide available
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Take Your Level : Make money easy!
Online: 9 Members: 20953
(US) Today Unique: 138
Invested($): 30481
Paid Out($): 15510
Online Since: October, 15. 2007.
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User ID: MsLesa8
I am new to Take your level. I decided to give it try before I introduce it to others. I have tried other programs in the pass to no avail. This program seem to have potentials, Well, I am starting with a dollar to see how things go. It's been two weeks now, an no progress. I have $.20 in my advertising account... Becoming a millionaire with a dollar investment sounds a big far fetched, but, a return of $5, or $10 would have been ok... I have decided not to invite others to this program. It's just not worth the $1


User ID: samahhoby


User ID: lwabbott


User ID: presiden
This program is very good.


User ID: cash leveraging


User ID: 13172734
invest $1.00 at Level 1 or $2.00 at Level 2 or $4.00 at Level 3 or ... Higher Level - $2,097,151 getting faster. We allow You to invest as many time as You want, and at any Active Level.


User ID: duffy888
am not able to use either method of payment to put funds in account to buy tickets. They keep telling me I am unable to validate my email addres and I am going round n round in circles with bothe of them. Please advise. THank you...John Hayes jhayes1017@aol.com


User ID: bluebird54
Has anyone made any money yet? I am new to this site


User ID: zakepaul
ever improvement packed..., what a website !


User ID: cbare64
This program sure is slow.


User ID: umid.titta
If you give money, I will prey for you


User ID: keniadey83
Experience the Power of Something GOOD Always Happening to You! That's real


User ID: dadsmoonie
git er done!


User ID: kreshorulez


User ID: faitem76
Make this your best opportunity for money making on the internet. I bet you will never regret being a member of this life transforming business.


User ID: CommanderTony
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...


User ID: dilipkapoor
hii i m new here...i dont know about this side...pls tell me if i will invest $1 so can i earn???pls tell me dilip.kapoor4318@gmail.com


User ID: josea4577
I wish i could easily made the millions


User ID: dangelfire
I get to go muddin, while I make money. How about you? Do you get to have fun making your money? I'll show you how you can to!!!


User ID: Canadian18386
deposited $12.00 here and nothing is showing on this account. Tolerance is fading fast.


User ID: Iretomiwa
This is for real! I've been paid 4 good times.QED


Last 20 Investments
No. User ID Date of Investment Amount
1 carnation 28/07/2017 1
2 falcone 01/07/2017 2
3 falcone 01/07/2017 1
4 zoran6301 01/07/2017 4
5 ahmed0200 05/06/2017 1
6 ahmed0200 31/05/2017 1
7 ahmed0200 17/05/2017 1
8 mgpmsk25051973 21/04/2017 1
9 ahmed0200 01/04/2017 1
10 DebzWoods 25/03/2017 2
11 DebzWoods 25/03/2017 1
12 ahmed0200 01/03/2017 1
13 ahmed0200 12/02/2017 1
14 Nixim89 20/01/2017 2
15 udev16k 17/01/2017 1
16 ahmed0200 20/12/2016 1
17 alokt001 02/12/2016 1
18 ahmed0200 19/11/2016 1
19 falcone 02/11/2016 1
20 ahmed0200 09/10/2016 1