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(US) Today Unique: 93
Invested($): 30483
Paid Out($): 15523
Online Since: October, 15. 2007.
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User ID: djindan
Very easy to join and i do hope we can earn as stated


User ID: Canadian18386
deposited $12.00 here and nothing is showing on this account. Tolerance is fading fast.


User ID: darfin39


User ID: bulinka


User ID: judy0905
I made a withdrawal of $4.00 which I did not intend to do. I do not see the money in my Alertpay account. Can you tell me if the money went back to mt Alertpay account or where?


User ID: rbizzone
Can u give example, if tomorrow i invest $1, how my money can 'growth' and how long it's takes to go to level 2? I'm really don't understand because the info from How To and FAQ not direct to the point. T.Q.


User ID: carepatrick
I already added fund to my TYL account but it is not yet credited what happen? Date: 10/11/2011 2:55:03 AM Reference Number: BBA9E-F7CCD-66F02 Transaction type: Payment To Name/Email: takeyourlevel@yahoo.com Current Status: Completed Amount: $1.00 USD Purchase Type: Other Shipping Details: Not Provided Details (optional): carepatrick


User ID: jello022170
Very excited about this site.I wish every member Good-Luck!!!!!!


User ID: anveruk
sir i deposit one dollar in my account


User ID: itisdone!
Please help with this transaction. I believe it was not completed. Date 3/15/2016 5:56:41 PM Reference Number 71ABD-B3E3B-97CBE Fee $0.00 USD Transaction type Payment To Name/Email takeyourlevel@yahoo.com Current Status Completed Amount $1.00 USD Total Amount $1.00 USD Purchase Type Other Shipping Details Not Provided Note itisdone!


User ID: Marelize
Have a magic 2012 filled with miracles, love, hope and smiles...


User ID: Iretomiwa
This is for real! I've been paid 4 good times.QED


User ID: amine66
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User ID: valsara
Account Balance = Deposit + Earning. But I have deposited 2$. It is not shown in my account balance.


User ID: awwjade
i deposited 1$..but not showing


User ID: shagratha


User ID: willbjr
Earn the income you've been wanting (http://eCa.sh/7oeK) In record time!


User ID: masilli
coming soon: www.masilli.com


User ID: amaiya102
I have not see a dime yet


User ID: real.zone
Hehehe... I always so fun... ^^


User ID: GelombangSofea
I have married,My daughter is 4 girls and 1 boy.


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1 buildwealth 19/09/2017 1
2 gianmarco85 01/07/2017 2
3 wiskeyvendor 01/07/2017 4
4 buildwealth 05/06/2017 1
5 buildwealth 01/04/2017 1
6 traveller97 20/01/2017 2
7 buildwealth 17/01/2017 1
8 thankyougod 02/11/2016 1
9 admiral-ali 03/10/2016 8
10 carlosmaia 01/09/2016 2
11 thankyougod 01/09/2016 1
12 moneymaker 01/08/2016 1
13 visions 01/06/2016 1
14 xavierml 10/05/2016 4
15 tampabay50 10/05/2016 2
16 ufavor8 10/05/2016 1
17 tinamarie 01/03/2016 1
18 marion7 01/02/2016 1
19 lokeshhhhh 03/11/2015 1
20 vicnile 13/09/2015 2