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Welcome to the Extra Earning Section

    Click on the desired link from the left table to earn some extra            
   money which will be added to Your account balance instantly.
   You need to be Take Your Level Member and have at least $1.00
   ticket purchased to gain Extra earning. Real time statistic available.

  1. Paid To Read and Visit
      - Earn from 0.083 to 3 cent per Read and Visit Ads. Timer from 5 to 180 sec
  2. Paid to Click
      - Earn from 0.083 to 3 cent per Click on Link or Banner. Timer from 5 to 180 sec

  3. Paid to Signup
      - Earn $0.20 per Valid Sign Up at Sponsor Offers

  4. Link Box (Multi Earning System for Webmasters)
      - Put Link Box on Your site and earn Up to $0.05 per 1000 valid cell impressions
      - When people join Take Your Level from Your Link Box you will earn Up to 5%
        from each referral ticket purchase or payout, advertisiement purchase and
        referral extra earning at Take Your Level System.
        If Your Referral purchase $1.00 Ticket You will earn Up to $0.05.
        If Your Referral receive $1.00 Payout during Level Transition You will earn
        Up to $0.05 And so on...
        Figure: When Your Referral Earn $2,097,151 You will Earn Up to $104,858 from
        Your Referral. Total Referral Earning = Number of Your Referrals * $104,858

        If Your Referral purchase advertisment You will earn Up to 5% from purchase.
        Plus You will receive Up to 5% from Referral extra Earning.

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