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Take Your Level : Make money easy!
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(US) Today Unique: 17
Invested($): 30486
Paid Out($): 15535
Online Since: October, 15. 2007.
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User ID: yahoo225
handsome na?????????


User ID: goddone
All you need to do is reinvest, and promote this real money making system.


User ID: madrpg1
hi furure millioneres nice to meet you here on this wonderful site. and good luck everybody :)


User ID: Honey123


User ID: umid.titta
If you give money, I will prey for you


User ID: tokason
hello i have invested $i but each time i try to buy ticket i cant, and no profit for me since last month.


User ID: fouadissam
ok thinkssssss


User ID: Paul1962
mon depot est pas la !? My deposit is not


User ID: mcbob384
if this is for real, lets make some money!


User ID: poschin
In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft !


User ID: 21885ogbo
Take Your Level - Worldwide Millionaires Club Invest only $1 and earn Mega Money Earn Total $2,097,151


User ID: lizabeth2008
I made a deposit of 1 USD on December 27,2010 through Alertpay but it seemed it didn't appear on my account.


User ID: shkamranm
i have deposited $1 but why my account is showing 0 balance.


User ID: hylanda
Live Life to Ultimate Wellbeing


User ID: rhmillion
I really hope this works


User ID: dustygirl
Hi.. Please...NEVER send any PAYMENT OF MONEY to MY egold. NEVER ! I ONLY am using My AlertPay Acct. (sawasinc@aol.com) I can't get funds out of my egold. Take my egold acct info OUT of my profile please. Thank you !! Ever so much! i joined how many months ago??? many ! i bought 2 tickets and have not gotten any payments.. and yet it shows there are over 1800 on my first level.. and over 1300 on my second level. according to your figures on website you have pocketed close to over $8000.. now how do we make 1 mill??? like your site states.


User ID: divijagdish
hi friends 9059314999


User ID: nrepf42
Anyone can tell what's gonna be next as I'm a newcomer?


User ID: lrwi12990
I can't find my tickets.


User ID: jacques01
Hi everyone , delighted to be here . Come and join this great program and in a very near future , you'll be as happy as i am now . To your success . Ps: whenever you come to Paris , let me know , i'll meet you with great pleasure.


User ID: gngood50
I'm new to the game. Is there any old timers out there, that been around for awhile can tell a new comer what's the take on this program?


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